Problem Definition

Understanding a design problem properly is a critical component of the design problem that is often taken for granted, but misunderstandings at this point can start the project off in the working direction. The Problem Definition write-up provides the design team with the opportunity to ensure that the sponsor and the design team are on the same page in terms of details and priorities.

Each team will meet with the course instructor. Before this meeting, type up the information requested in the Problem Definition Worksheet

  • Printout a copy and bring it to your meeting

  • Prepare a 6 minute PowerPoint overview of the writeup. Highlight:

    • Brief overview of problem, priorities, and deliverables of project.

    • Areas of concern, high risk, or other questions

    • Describe the Risk Reduction your team hopes to accomplish during the last few weeks of MAE156A. Risk Reduction can include both hardware or theory, and it is encouraged that teams pursue both types of risk reduction where possible. These could include:

      • i. A preliminary hardware test (even a simple test early on is very helpful)

      • ii. Analysis, computer simulation, and information gathering

      • iii. Development of a test bed (this reduces risk by enabling rapid risk reduction once completed)

  • Show a Gantt chart with task assignments for the rest of the quarter