Documentation and Logistics

To Be Completed by Presentation During Finals Week

Setup Webpage

    • Review Getting Started with 156B Team Webpages

    • Each team member should log in and:

      • Add their name and email information to the Team page

      • Choose a comment color on the Internal Page

    • The Webpage and Documentation Manager should:

      • Complete the Project Management Page which includes materials for the 156A project definition work. Print out and turn in at presentation.

      • Complete a Weekly Progress Report for Final Week of 156A. Print out and turn in at presentation.

      • Upload the original project description into the Internal => Files location.

Turn in Signed Copies of the Following (all stapled together):

    • Sponsor Project Budget Form

      • Student Participation Agreement Form for those projects that require it (indicated by * on project list)

      • Lab Needs Form. Make sure to fill in team roles

        • Sponsor Liaison:

        • Fiscal Manager (responsible for purchases and tracking budget):

        • Safety Manager:

        • Webpage and Documentation Manager:

Choose Component Analysis Topic

    • Actual Component Analysis is due at the end of the 1st week of 156B, but each student should select their topic in 156A.

Peer Review is ACTIVE. It needs to be completed by Midnight March 18th!