Robot Teams

Robot Team Kickoff - Sign Up for 20 Minute Meeting Time Online

To Be Completed between Wed 2/5 and Friday 2/7 during Office Hours

TA MEETING SIGN UP SHEET - must email to schedule a 20 minute time block.

  1. Each team member should:

    • Create 4 concepts for the robot contest. Each concept could be for an overall robot or just for a critical part.

    • Draw a hand sketch of each concept on a separate piece of paper. Give a name to each concept and list the pros and cons of each concept.

  2. For the team's top 2 concepts:

    • List the high risk areas

    • List early risk reduction tests that could be done.

  3. Meet with the TA after completing the above steps for a design review. Bring all the material from the above steps to be checked off.

    • The TA's can provide valuable input to help you with your robot project, but only if you are well prepared. The more you do before your consultation meeting, the more valuable the meeting will be.

    • The TA's will ask for a demonstration of the photosensor to detect the presence of a tube.

      • Hint: Use analogRead function to display values, white PVC is more reflective than gray PVC.