Robot Report

Each robot team will choose one area of the robot project where engineering analysis was applied to the robot that includes the following:

    • Objective of analysis

    • Assumptions used

    • Method of analysis

    • Results, which can be in table or plot form. Comparison of theory to experimental results wherever possible.

    • Free Body Diagrams, if any motion analysis performed.

    • Discussion of results

      • How was analysis applied in robot project?

      • Discussion of accuracy of the theoretical analysis.

      • What additional improvements could have been done if there where additional time in the project?

Length of Robot Report 2-3 pages, neatly organized, typed, and formatted. Appendixes can be added to report.

Resources for the Robot Report

All analysis used in the turntable project are suitable for the robot report. In addition, some teams may want to look in depth at mechancial componets or other areas of machine design. Some resrouces are: