Robot Presentations 3-Minutes

Robot 3 Minute Oral Presentations

Each pair will give a 3-minute oral presentation that will cover the content listed below. We will adhere strictly to the time limits, so the presentations must be concise and to do a good job you will need to do dry runs.


  • Describe how your robot works. The best way to do this is via step-by-step CAD with annotations. If you do not have CAD images, photos can be used, but they should be taken clearly and annotations added.

  • Show video of your robot in operation (video can be edited for conciseness).

  • Describe one component that you are especially proud of. Include any analysis and optimization work done, and quantify the performance of that component.


Prior to the lecture time you will need to upload your PowerPoint and Video files to the site below. We will run the presentations from this website and will not wait during the lecture for groups that do not have their material on-line.

Use the same username and password provided for the sponsored project descriptions:

Presentation Location

Teams 1-17 present in WLH 2205

Teams 18-35 present in EBU2-584

Example Presentations from Winter 2012 Are Shown Below. There are 8 minute presentations so are longer than this quarter's.