Robot Presentations - See Updated Presentation Schedule Highlighted Below

Prepare a 8 minute (10 minutes for 5 member teams) presentation. We will adhere to time limits so do a dry run!. Include:

    1. An overview of how the robot works

      • First use annotated CAD to most clearly show how your robot works. See example of effective annotations.

      • Then use photos and video to prove that you built the device and that it indeed works.

      • Make sure to use 2D views when they best show the motion being explained.

      • If the audience cannot understand how for robot works, they will not be able to appraise the rest of the presentation.

    2. Discuss one area of the Design Process that was especially important in your project. It could include:

      • Risk Reduction

      • Conceptual Breakthrough

      • Optimization

      • Problem Solving

      • Use of analysis or engineering tools to guide the design process

      • Decision making

    3. Proposal for analysis to be done in Robot Report

      • Describe objective of analysis

      • Assumptions to be used

      • Method of analysis

      • Format of results, i.e. what tables or plots will you present.

      • Free Body Diagram, if it will be used.

      • Since this is a proposal, the analysis does not have to be completed, but the more you do the better instructor feedback you will get for your Robot Report. If you present on Thursday and want feedback earlier, you can submit your proposal on Tuesday after lecture.


Odd numbered Teams will present in Center Hall Rm 212 to Dr. Delson, and need to be present on both Tuesday and Thursday

  • Teams 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 on Tuesday 2/26 in Center Hall Rm 212

  • Teams 13,15,17,19, 21 on Thursday 2/28 in Center Hall Rm 212

Even numbered Teams will present in EBUII Rm 584 to Dr. Tustaniwskyj, and need to be present on both Tuesday and Thursday

  • Teams 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 on Tuesday 2/26 in EBUII Rm 584

  • Teams 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 on Thursday 2/28 in EBUII Rm 584


    1. Bring the PowerPoint presentation on a laptop or arrange to lot in on another team's laptop.

    2. All team members should participate in the oral presentation. The name of the team member who is presenting should be written at the bottom of each slide.

    3. Print out the presentation with one slide per page for the instructor comments. Use WHITE BACKGROUNDS on the printout so that instructor feedback can be written on the slides.

    4. The instructor will return the slides with comments after the presentations, and this copy should be attached to the Robot Report.