BASIC MATERIAL is required reading for all students

IN DEPTH material is additional reference and can be pursued by students depending on the design approach being pursued.

Breadboard info — Electronic layout of a prototyping breadboard.

Darlington Arrays — Shows how to turn on and off high current arrays with a Darlington Array.

Driving High Current Loads — General intro to using microcontrollers with motors, solenoids. etc.

Driving stepper motors — A different kind of motor, and how to use it

Motor Drivers Overview

Myths about Motor Drivers — Interpreting the manufacturer's spec sheet and how it impacts real-world performance.

Potentiometer Usages — Application notes for proper use of trimmer pots.

Rugged Motor Driver Board — Data sheet and "how to" for MAE156A motor driver board

Soldering Tutorial by Chris Cassidy — Soldering Tutorial by Chris Cassidy

Soldering Video — Soldering Video by Popular Mechanics

Soldering Video — Soldering Video by TubeDepot

Where to get parts — Local and online vendors

Wires, Cables and Connectors