Lec1 Motor Sim

Simulation of Motor Without Added Inertia or Friction

Assignment Overview

In this assignment you will simulate the motor without any added fiction or inertia as it starts up under full voltage (12VDC). Each student will use the same system parameters and friction can be neglected. In future assignments, you will identify more accurately the motor parameters, system inertia, and friction.


    • All analysis should be done in metric units.

    • In code angles should be represented as radians, but output plots should be in degrees.

    • Plots must have units and labels for all axes.

    • Clarity will be considered in grading and material that cannot be easily understood will be considered wrong.

Parameter Lookup

Use the motor Spec Sheets to identify

    1. Motor no-load speed at 12VDC in radians/sec. š¯¯ˇnoload = ?

    2. Motor stall torque at 12 VDC in Nm. š¯¯‰stall = ?

    3. Provided Inertia of Motor Armature: Im = 5.15E-7 Kgm2

Summary of Equations and Assumptions

In one page write out the key equations and assumptions used.

Matlab Code

Write Matlab code that simulates motion for the first 200 milliseconds. The easiest way to do this is with the Euler method. While Euler is not the most accurate, a very small step size can be used. It is optional, but one can test the accuracy using the Runge-Kutta method with ODE45.


  1. Motor Position Output vs. Time for 200 milliseconds

  2. Motor Velocity Output vs. Time for 200 milliseconds