DS Access, returning kits, and much more!

Post date: Feb 28, 2014 8:08:36 AM

Congratulations to everyone on building some pretty awesome robots!

Robot Reports:

As you should be aware, the Robot Reports are due by 8pm Friday (today). Please deposit them on time in the clear plastic storage bin with the red lid located in Room 311.

I will be available to answer questions and record last minute times for robots that have not yet completed a timed trial yet. I will likely be in EBU-II 328 (across from 339 where many of you have seen me before) until 8pm. I also have the graded Midterms ready for pickup.

Loss of Design Studio access:

In order to begin preparing for MAE 3 and a special event at the end of the quarter, students will no longer have access to the Design Studio after next Tuesday (March 4). If you were stationed in the Room 315 (the workbench area of the Design Studio), please move your robot and storage bin to room 311 or 339. Do not take it home. Those students who had door codes for the Design Studio will lose access after Tuesday.

Returning Robot Kit Parts:

On Wednesday, there will be a time for you to come by 311 and return Robot Kit parts.

You will need to return ALL items bought from the TA store, ALL of the electrical components, ALL tools that came in your kit, and any leftover raw materials. The schedule for Wednesday hours will be posted soon. You can also pick up your graded homework assignments and midterm at that time as well.

TA Office hours:

The TA's will shift to having office hours by appointment, therefore please email TA's if you would like to ask them questions or setup a time to meet.