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Risk Reduction Presentations

Risk Reduction Presentations

During Finals Week Each Team will Present to the Rest of the Class. Attendance is required for the complete 3 hours 

Links to: Electronic review on presentations will be posted on Canvas:

Prepare a 12 minute (we will adhere to time limits) presentation that includes:

  1. Overview of the Problem Definition. The whole class needs to understand the project background and objectives.
    • Clear Figures with annotations are key. You can use figures from your sponsor (with appropriate credit), but often teams need to create additional figures to increase clarity. Clear hand drawings are OK, but CAD is often more clear. See example of good figure
  2. Functional Requirements (F.R.s) and Constraints of project.
  3. High Risk Areas
  4. Team Risk Reduction Objectives and Achievements.
  5. Design Solutions under consideration. Make sure to use annotated sketches or CAD.
  6. Remaining questions and unresolved issues
  7. Project Management for next quarter:
    • Milestones with specific objectives and dates. A milestone is an accomplishment of an important step in the project such as demonstration of a subcomponent. A good set of milestones breaks a project down into manageable parts and focuses the team on critical objectives.  
    • Topics for each member's individual component analysis.
    • Gantt chart of 156B quarter (indicate where the milestones occur)
  8. Post your presentation and progress reports on your team's webpage 

    Example High Quality Risk Reduction Presentation


    1. Post your Presentation on the your team webpage under Reports (use the add file button)
      • Grading will be based on:
        • Problem Definition - Does the whole class understand the big picture and the details (20%).
        • Project Managment - Identification of areas of high risk, specifying meaningful milestones, indicating challenges of system integration and coupling (10%)
        • Risk reduction achievements (50%)
        • Quality of graphics in presentation (15%)
        • Attendance and feedback provided to other teams (5%)

      After the Presentation

      1. Make sure to email to your sponsor a copy of the presentation, and update your weekly meeting time if needed for the 156B quarter.
      2. Prepare for a Meeting with Instructor for Week 1 of MAE 156B.