Sponsored Projects


Capstone design projects (aka Sponsored Projects) will begin in MAE156A and be completed in MAE156B.

  • Projects with a preceding * indicate that students will be required to sign a Student Participation Agreement, which assigns patent rights to the sponsor. Only students who offer to sign this agreement voluntarily (in the project preference form) will be assigned to such projects.
  • You will need a Gmail account for the class in order to edit your team webpage that uses Google Sites. If you do not already have a gmail account, please create one one at www.gmail.com, prior to completing the project preference form.

Students will submit their project and teammate preferences. Teams will be made by the course instructors taking student preferences into consideration.

Prior projects can be seen at: https://sites.google.com/a/eng.ucsd.edu/mae156b-projects/


1. Kickoff Meeting.

Sponsored Project Kickoff Meeting. Bring forms below to meeting and complete with your sponsor.

MAE156B Engineering Coordinator, Ian Richardson, irichardson@eng.ucsd.edu, (858) 534-8343, EBU2 – B35.

2. Problem Definition Meeting with course instructor.

3. Team meetings with instructor during week 10. 

  • Follow guidelines for MAE156B Meetings with Instructors
  • Once you are given access to your webpage, show that you can edit the page and enter basics such as team member names.

4. Risk Reduction Presentation during Finals week.

Begin to Setup Team Webpage by the Final

Purchasing Guidelines

Printing Instructions 

Design Resources