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2017 Winter

 Week      Tuesday Lecture  Thursday Lecture Section and Other Activities 
Week 1

1/13 - 1/22  
Course Overview and
intro motor dynamics

Motor Primer
Continued motor dynamics and
electronics for MEs

HW #1 Assigned

ODE Materials
Due Before Lab Section

Section: Electronics & Sensors Intro

Meet in EBU2-311

Week 2

1/16 - 1/20 

Electronics, sensors,
 and measurement 

Due at Beginning of Lecture
Pre-Quiz at Home


Velocity Estimation, and Smoothing vs Filtering

HW#1 Due at beginning of lecture
HW #2 Assigned

Arduino Syntax

Due Before Lab Section
Lab Assignment

Motor Wiring Guide Updated!!!
Power Supply Preparation

Section: Motor Drivers

Meet in EBU2-311

Week 3 

1/23 - 1/27


  Parameter characterization from data

Closed-loop control theory

Real Time controls
Data interpretation
Matlab code

Interpreting mechatronics spec sheets
Dynamics of complex mechatronic 

HW#2 Due at beginning of lecture
HW #3 Assigned

Lecture 6
Lecture 6 (Gravish)

Due Before Lab Section

Section: PID Control

Hardware Config for Encoder
Quadrature Encoder Code

Supplementary files for HW2: Matlab instructionsMatlab code to read Arduino counts

Meet in EBU2-311

Week 4 

1/30 - 2/3

Dynamics of complex 
mechatronic systems II
Lecture 7a
Lecture 7b

Intro of open-loop challenge

Lecture 8a
Matlab optimization
Mass_Pulley function

Section: Machine Shop
Meet in EBU2-B31
 Week 5

2/6 - 2/10

Friction Reduction and Sensitivity Analysis
Friction lecture

Sponsored Project List


Section: Machine Shop
Meet in EBU2-B31 

Week 6 

2/13 - 2/17

Section BOO rm. WLH 2111

Open-loop design review walk through 


Section: Machine Shop
Meet in EBU2-B31

Week 7 

2/20 - 2/24


Intro of Closed Loop Design Challenge
Closed loop intro
Closed loop design part2

Matlab code:
Second order system simulation

Open-loop design competition


Section: Machine Shop
Meet in EBU2-B31

Week 8

2/27 - 3/3 

Announce Sponsored Project Teams
report format

Demo of Closed Loop Design Challenge

Section: Machine Shop
Meet in EBU2-B31


Kickoff Meeting with Sponsor
Week 9 

3/6 - 3/10


Guest Lecture

Engineering Staff Support

Machine Shop
Meet in EBU2-B31


Set Up Project Workspace

Week 10 

3/13 - 3/17


Problem Definition Meetings

Succeeding in real world projects 

Risk Reduction Tests

Finals Week

3/20 - 3/24


3 - 6PM
Location: TBD 

Risk Reduction presentations

Teams 1 – 8: 122 Pepper Canyon

Teams 9 – 15: 584 EBU2

Teams 16 – 22: 304 EBU2