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Motor and Pot Setup

Before section in week 2 each pair should: 
  • Pickup acrylic parts for motor and potentiometer setup shown below during TA office hours.
  • Assemble motor and potentiometer setup (directions for assembly below).
  • Meet with TAs to demo the assembled setup (TAs will power motor for test) 
  • Download the Arduino software onto a laptop. TAs may be able to help if problems are encountered.
    • If no one on the team has a laptop, then computers in EBU2-311 can be used to program the Arduino
  • Bring motor and pot setup with laptops to Week 2 section.

  1. Use small countersink in fabrication area to countersink 2 small holes on motor mount. Confirm depth with 3mm motor mount screws from green bin outside LaserCAMM room. COUNTERSINK HOLES BEFORE ASSEMBLING:
  2. Using acrylic cement (the thicker acrylic glue), glue the potentiometer bracket and motor bracket to the center support. See below:
  3. Before acrylic glue is fully set in brackets, apply glue around tabs and place into the base. Allow for glue to dry before mounting motor and potentiometer. See Below:
  4. Attach motor to bracket
  5. Place tubing around potentiometer and insert through hole onto motor shaft (make a small cut in the side of the tubing that will go around the motor shaft).
  6. Tighten the potentiometer and place a zip tie around the tubing on the motor shaft.