DateLecture notesDateLecture notesSection tasks
11/8/2019Intro to class, schedule, syllabus, grading, sensors for measuring mechatronic systems1/10/2019DC motors physics and simulating mechanical systemArduino programming, wiring up sensors and indicators, design studio safety overview. (EBU2-311)
21/15/2019Continuation of DC motors1/17/2019Bearings and friction in rotary assembliesMotor driving, motor properties measurements. (EBU2-311)
31/22/2019Elements of rotary power transmission and the dynamics of a timing belt system1/24/2019Numerical optimization for determining  parameters of a mechanical systemBearing loading and modeling your motor assembly. (EBU2-311)
41/29/2019Actuator types and selection criteria1/31/2019Introduction of optimization challenge, and fatigue analysis.Machine shop project. (EBU2-B30)
52/5/2019Gears and rotary transmissions2/7/2019Optimization challenge simulation discussionMachine shop project. (EBU2-B30)
62/12/2019Announce sponsored projects2/14/2019Optimization challenge demo daysMachine shop project. (EBU2-B30)
72/19/2019Announce teams & midterm review2/21/2019MidtermMachine shop project. (EBU2-B30)
82/26/2019Team meetings
2/28/2019Societal impact of projects discussion
Machine shop project. (EBU2-B30)
Team meetings

Spec sheets

Machine shop project. (EBU2-B30)
Team meetings
Sourcing machine components, controllers, and electronics
Machine shop project. (EBU2-B30)

Final presentations: Thursday, 3/21/2019 3:00-6:00 --- Location TBA