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The word “Mechatronics” was created by combining the words “Mechanical” and “Electronics”. Mechatronics products are those where mechanical and electronic components are tightly integrated and optimal design requires that both mechanical and electrical be considered together. In MAE 156A emphasis is placed on theoretically modeling a system and then comparing hardware performance to theoretical simulation. Emphasis is also placed on interpretation of experimental results and how these can improve our theoretical model. The theoretical models are used to optimize a design for a specific performance objective.

The assignments start out with a simple motor system and gradually increase in complexity as components are added. The last 2 assignments are demonstrations of optimized systems, and the grade for these assignments is based solely on hardware performance. The better your system is modeled and built, the better you will be able to optimize it.

  • Wear safety glasses at all times
  • Clean Up After Yourself
  • Wear Close Toed Shoes and Tie Back Loose Hair
  • Pay Attention to Those Working Around You
Respect the fabrication area and anyone working therein (including but not limited to MAE3 students, they are learning as well)

Spec Sheets - "Real Engineers Use Spec Sheets"

Spec refers to specification, and a spec sheet is indicates the performance guaranteed by a manufacturer.

In order to design reliable devices all the components should be operated within spec. Below are the specs used in the MAE 156A Mechatronics project.

Electrical Components
    Mechanical Components



    Arduino Getting Started


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