Course Assignments

  • Lecture assignments are turned in at the beginning of lecture.
  • Pre-Lab assignments are done before a lab session.
  • Lab activities are done during the scheduled lab period.

All assignments are to be done individually unless noted otherwise. Students can help each other, but all code and hardware measurements must be done by the student turning in the assignment.


Prerequisite Assessment: Due Beginning of Lecture Tuesday Week 1, 10/2 
Reading for Lecture on 10/2. Be prepared for iClicker questions. 
Pre-lab assignment 1. (4 pts) Due at beginning of Section Week 1, 10/2-10/5 depending on lab.

Lecture HW 1 - Motor Dynamics Simulation. (32 pts). Due Thursday Week 1 at the beginning of lecture, 10/4.

Pre-lab assignment 2. (12 pts) Due at beginning of Section Week 2, 10/9-10/12 depending on lab.

Extra Credit 1. Due Tuesday of Week 2, 10/9.

Lecture HW 2 - Friction Estimate. (35 pts) Due Thursday Week 2 at the beginning of lecture, 10/11. Pair Assignment.

Pre-Lab Assignment 3. (32 pts) Due at beginning of Section Week 3, 10/16-10/19 depending on lab.

Lecture HW 3 - Equivalent Inertia. (16 pts) Due Thursday Week 3 at the beginning of lecture, 10/18. INDIVIDUAL Assignment.

Lecture HW 4 - 2 Shaft Baseline (35 pts + 5 pts Extra Credit)

  • Part 1: Baseline Performance - Due Thursday 11/6 in lecture (10 pts)
  • Part 2: Theoretical Model and Gear Ratio Prediction - Due Tuesday 11/13 in lecture (30 pts)
  • Part 3: Optimization Demo and Presentation of Results - Meetings Thursday 11/15 or Friday 11/16 (60 pts)


Workshops are elective and review the software used in the course. They are scheduled on Friday and then repeated on Mondays as shown in the class schedule.

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