Course Assignments

  • Lecture assignments are turned in at the beginning of lecture.
  • Pre-Lab assignments are done before a lab session.
  • Lab activities are done during the scheduled lab period.

All assignments are to be done individually unless noted otherwise. Students can help each other, but all code and hardware measurements must be done by the student turning in the assignment.


Homework 1 Turn-in Instructions:

Gradescope: MJKEW8 

Cover page with name, PID, assignment number and date.  

Question #1 and #2: handwritten equations are OK.

Question #2: (*updated instructions): 
                        Assume no inductance! Show the steps of deriving the closed form solution. Only the analytical solutions are needed (e.g. theta, Wss, Wt, and time constant in an analytical format). No plot is required to be shown here.  

Question #3 (*updated instructions): 

a) Copy and paste your matlab code into this part. (we check on 2 things):
      • Is any matlab ODE solver being used?
      • Is the ODE function being rightly written and included?
                 b) Assume no inductance! Plots (use radians and rad/s as units):
      • Motor position output vs. time for 50 milliseconds (compare closed form Q#2 vs. numerical solution Q#3, in one figure).
      • Motor velocity output vs. time for 50 milliseconds (compare closed form Q#2 vs. numerical solution Q#3, in one figure).
      • Comments on comparison of closed form vs. numerical solution.
c) Assume inductance! Motor position and velocity on a single plot for the full 150 milliseconds of the numerical simulation. 
      • Three plots required with different axis units.
      • One plot should use radians & radians/s, the second degrees and degrees/s, and the third should use rotations and rotations per minute (RPM)
Question #4: Results (just the values, we don't need to see code) from #4 and comments on how the parameter changes affect the results.

Question #5: A link to the specification of the motor you chose for #5.    


Workshops are elective and review the software used in the course. 

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